Medang Island NTB has clean electricity

Hybrid Solar Power Plant (PLTS) will immediately electrify residents on Medang Island, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. This PLTS operates for 24 hours, and is worth Rp. 14.3 billion.

"This is a form of PLN's commitment to electrify remote areas of the country and optimizing new and renewable energy (EBT)," said General Manager of PLN NTB Regional Main Unit, Sudjarwo, on Wednesday (17/8).

The Head of the NTB Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Zaenal Abidin, appreciated the efforts made by PLN to electrify remote areas and outer islands in NTB.

"This is certainly an extraordinary step from PLN. Not only providing electricity, but successfully bringing clean energy to the outer islands of NTB," he said.

The PLTS construction on Medang Island aims to anticipate the burden that is certain to increase.

In addition, this PLTS is operated to achieve the target of the NRE mix of 23 percent by 2025. In the development process, said Sudjarwo, his party was faced with the challenge of a long distance and also weather factors.

Medang Island, as the outermost island of NTB, now has clean electricity, which is worth Rp. 14.3 billion. This affects the mobilization of PV mini-grid instruments and components.

"With the operation of the PLTS, the wheels of the economy are moving, the welfare of the community is getting better. Businesses that were originally manual can make good use of electricity. The tourism industry, small business actors and creative economic business opportunities can also grow well," he said.

Currently, he said, PLN in Medang Island has 720 customers, which are dominated by fishing households. Electricity is supplied from four diesel engines with a total installed capacity of 460 kilo watts (KW), with an average peak load of 160 KW. The PLTS on Medang Island has a capacity of 314 kilo watts peak which is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 550 kilo watt hours and also an inverter. (red)

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