Company Structure

PT. Surya Energi Kobatama (SENEKO)

PT. Surya Energi Kobatama is a pioneer in providing solar power in Indonesia, therefore PT. Surya Energi Kobatama is also a pioneer in providing clean energy services nationally.

We have national scale experience to small scopes such as homes supported by world-class technology, making us the right choice for housing, small industries, commercial enterprises, governments, schools, farms, water districts and more.

Our Experience

From Sabang to Merauke, from Miangas to Rote. PT. Surya Energi Kobatama has converted solar power into electricity and reached a peak capacity of over thirty megawatts. PT. Surya Energi Kobatama has also installed thousands of solar energy systems throughout Indonesia and continues to develop the system.

The following is the composition of the management of PT. Surya Energi Kobatama in providing the best service for you :

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